Renue 10 Inch Medium Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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Premium copper performance foam provides advanced cooling for quick recovery.


Copper also functions as a defense against germs; it is naturally antimicrobial inhibiting bacteria growth on its surface.


Copper cells in the mattress compress and interact with each other to provide support where you need it most making Renue an excellent choice for all sleeping positions.

  • MULTI LAYER FOAM SYSTEM: Copper infused memory foam surface layer helps with pain relief and has been proven to move heat away from the body and gel infused second layer regulates heat for an ideal sleep even on 90 degree nights
  • NATURAL FRESHNESS: Copper’s natural ions are always fresh, inhibiting the growth of virtually all odor for a clean comfort throughout the entire sleep surface
  • COOLING COMFORT: ContourGel infusion technology in memory foam provides consistent temperature control keeping your bed cool and comfortable
  • PRESSURE RELIEVING: High density response copper and gel foam surfaces allow for personalized support where you need it most. Delivered in an easy-to -unpack compact box.  Your mattress may take a little time (24-48 hours) to grow to its optimum size after coming out of the box. Benefits of waiting a full 24-48 hours include expansion & ventilation. Sleeping on the mattress before the 48 hours will not impact the quality or comfort of your new mattress.
  • HEALTHIER FOR YOU AND THE ENVIRONMENT: RENUE’s commitment to an innovative sleep system transforms a regular night’s sleep into an opportunity for relaxation and recovery. All CertiPUR-US foam with NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: No formaldehyde and low VOCs, (which can possibly worsen asthma, cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea)