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Mlily Vitality + Mattress

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MLily Vitality+ Memory Foam Mattress

Medium Firm;

The MLily Vitality+ Memory Foam Mattress features premium knit double jacquard fabric designed to provide enhanced breathability and comfort.

The Quilted Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam layer is specially quilted and creates a layer that keeps moisture, odor, and temperature at a minimum, all while adapting to the sleeper's individual pressure points, comfortably relieving aches and pains while you sleep.

The Copper Infused Memory Foam is hypoallergenic and improves temperature control, creating a clean and refreshing sleeping surface.

The Flex Support Foam serves as the final layer of this mattress, providing a supportive and reliable base that results in a cooler, more wholesome night's sleep.

This mattress is great for any sleeper looking for a medium firm memory foam mattress with hypoallergenic properties.