Adjusting to your new mattress

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There's nothing quite like getting a fresh new mattress to sleep or lounge on. But like new jeans or new shoes, a mattress becomes a little bit more comfortable after time. And like worn-in pants, a mattress eventually accommodates itself to a body over time and feels better. But there are several types of mattresses, and breaking each one in takes a different amount of time.
Breaking In a Memory Foam
Memory foam is made from different layers of foam that conform to body shapes and support weight. They don't bounce as much as spring mattresses and seem to hug bodies. Unlike spring and latex, memory foam is a lot more dense and will take up to two months to break in. It's best to just wait it out by sleeping and sitting on memory foam to break it in. However, because memory foam mattresses are very durable and will last a long time, it's worth the wait while breaking it in.

Another quicker method would be to raise the room temperature that the mattress is in so that the foam becomes softer. Don't raise the temperature too quickly or too high, though. A few degrees should do the trick to help soften the foam a little faster.

Breaking In a Spring Mattress
Spring mattresses are the traditional kind that are filled with springs and metal coils that are surrounded by soft material. Because the springs wear down over time, the breaking-in period is a little shorter than other materials, such as memory foam. To make sure that all of the mattress is broken in and not just the spot that's slept on, it's best to rotate spring mattresses every few months. This makes sure that one side doesn't cave in while the other side is still stiff.

Breaking In a Latex Mattress
Latex foam mattresses feel elastic and have great support. They can also be made of a hybrid of latex, memory foam or springs. Since it's a softer material, a latex mattress doesn't need as much breaking in as a spring mattress. It won't feel amazingly different after breaking in because it's a soft, airy material, but simply sleeping on different sides of it or having two people sleep on the mattress will eventually wear it down sufficiently to be broken in.

Keep in Mind
Anyone who tries to break in a mattress should avoid using anything too heavy and avoid jumping or walking on it too hard. To avoid any mishaps, simply sleep on either side of the mattress and rotate it regularly by turning it over so that both sides get the same amount of use.

The point is to make it softer so that it's more comfortable, not wear it down completely. Simply sleeping or sitting on the mattress over time will make it conform to any body. It's like having a pair of shoes that eventually becomes the most comfortable ones. It takes a few miles – in this case a few nights – and some patience to feel like they fit just right.

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